Why should you choose Rom Trust?

Shipping industry faces an acute shortage of seafarers, especially qualified and skilled officers.
There has not been any long term and international solution to this problem.
One possible way to combat the shortage of seafarers are local (national) initiatives.

Our main goal is to recruit, deploy, train and retain highly qualified, well experienced marine personnel.
We spare no effort to meet the present and future needs of our customers across the shipping industry, by improving quality and cost efficiency.
We rely on a comprehensive seafarers’ data base, refreshed continuously thanks to the large number of new applications received.
Rom Trust makes efforts to ply on each Company’s salary scale, whilst continuously monitoring the evolution of local market’ rates.

We are dedicated to provide the best services

Since 1995 we provide manning services for our partners around the globe. We have the experience and the know-how. Some of the people that we help are actually younger than Rom Trust!

Preparation of a seaman for joining is a process we carefully accomplish, letting apart no detail.
We pay particular attention to pre-employment screening, out of which checking validity and authenticity of seamen’s documents is an important step.
We co-operate with medical centers duly authorized by Romanian Ministry of Transports and/or P&I club.

Our dedicated, professional team is familiar with various flag administrations’ requirements with respect to crew’s certification.
Getting the proper entry visa for our seafarers is also part of our daily routine.
Seamen are properly briefed and trained prior joining with regard to their rights and duties on board, as well as Owner’s specific policies and procedures.

We provide operational assistance to all crew handled by our office, in any private matter we are able to assist. This includes, but is not limited to, pursuit of their career evolution, or achieving higher education and certification.
We supervise seaman’s evolution throughout the contractual period and we assist Owners in any related matter until repatriation.

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