For seafarers

Worldwide shortage of experienced seamen may be good news for present and prospective seafarers.
By joining us, the seafarers may have the chance to work in a large variety of ships: from Aframax to VLCC, from Minicapes to VLOCs. New building projects developed by our Principals offer the opportunity to work on board state-of-the-art equipped vessels with multi-national crew.

Seafarers are offered the chance of promotion to higher rank. As Manning Agents, we are proud of each cadet becoming Junior Officer, then after a valuable Senior Officer. Our Fitters who graduated Maritime Universities and are now serving as Engineer Officers represent happy stories about determination and success. We have also encouraged a large number of Ship Electricians to become ETOs.

Loyalty to Shipping Company is rewarded with seniority and re-joining bonus. Private health insurance for Senior Officers and their dependents is a great incentive to classic wage scheme.

Seafarers are encouraged to actively participate in training sessions and seminars, organized both in Romania and aboard. These seminars at no cost for seafarers connect people and ensure share of knowledge, experience and information. Annual meetings in Romania bring together for open discussions seafarers and Companies’ representatives.

Four easy steps to apply with us:

If you are a Maritime Cadet willing to start a seagoing career, please send us your application form together with your university grades.
You will be then scheduled for a computer-based test and interview. Good test results, in association with good grades, may open the gate for a long-term co-operation with one of the Companies we serve.